Less Exercise Better for Weight Loss?

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A new study from Denmark suggests that running, biking or rowing for 30 minutes daily when you’re trying to lose weight helps pare off pounds better than an hour-long workout. 
Researchers from the University of Copenhagen concluded that "less exercise is better" after following 60 healthy but overweight men for 13 weeks. Half of the study participants exercised for one hour every day wearing a heart-rate monitor and calorie counter; the other half exercised for only 30 minutes per day, at an intensity that produced a light sweat. The investigators found that the men who spent 30 minutes on their daily workouts lost 3.6 kilos (about eight pounds) in about three months while those who exercised for an hour lost only 2.7 kilos (just under six pounds). 
To explain the difference, the researchers suggested that the men who exercised longer probably ate more.
The main takeaway here is that workout works when it comes to health and weight loss. We do need to be careful not to overeat after a workout.

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