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If avocados are a regular part of your diet, you may be in good company, nutritionally speaking. A new analysis of data gathered from a national nutrition survey suggests that eating avocados is linked to lower body weight. Those who enjoyed avocados also had a lower body mass index (BMI), smaller waist circumference, a lower intake of added sugars, higher HDL (the “good” cholesterol) and a 50 percent lower risk of metabolic syndrome than those survey participants who did not report eating avocados. The survey showed that of the 17,567 adults who participants in the survey, the 347 who reported eating any amount of avocados during a 24-hour dietary recording period had significantly better overall nutrient intake levels than those who did not report eating avocados: 36 percent more fiber, 23 percent more vitamin E, 13 percent more magnesium, 16 percent more potassium and 48 percent more vitamin K from their diets. Among those who reported eating avocados, average daily consumption was about one half of a medium avocado, with men consuming a bit more than women.

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