One Simple Trick to Lose Weight, Be in a Better Mood and Live a Longer Healthier Life!

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Get SEVEN+ hours of sleep every night! Study after study has shown that a good nights sleep is one of the most important factors to your overall health and happiness. From better weight control, higher immunity to sickness, to even a lower risk of injury.

Its’s true, a good nights rest can actually keep you safer. Sleep deprivation has been linked with many notorious disasters, like the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger and the grounding of the Exxon Valdez. The Institute of Medicine estimates that one out of five auto accidents in the U.S. results from drowsy driving. That's about 1 million crashes a year.
Of course, any kind of accident is more likely when you're exhausted, says Jodi A. Mindell, PhD, a professor of psychology at St. Joseph's University in Philadelphia and author of Sleep Deprived No More. "When you're overtired, you're more likely to trip, or fall off a ladder, or cut yourself while chopping vegetables," she says. "Household accidents like that can have serious consequences."

So get a good night’s rest! Nothing is worth jeopardizing your health and well-being.

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