4 Moves To Minimize Your Muffin Top

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The dreaded muffin top, something many women of all sizes fear the most.

Don’t worry! That unwanted spillage almost seems impossible to tuck away, can be toned up and diminished by coupling a cardio routine and toning workouts below:

Towel Mountain Climber: This staple workout can be intensified by adding towels. With the towels, you are able to create instability allowing you to target your core, thighs and butt for an overall body-toning move. First, get in plank position on an uncarpeted surface. With the tips of your toes resting on the towels, begin performing a traditional mountain climber exercise. For a cardio boost complete this exercise for at least one minute with a 15-30 second rest in between.

Quick Burpee: With emphasis on your core, this move calls to eliminate the push up and jump that goes with the traditional burpee. Stand with your feet shoulder with apart to prepare yourself for a squat formation. Get down to the floor pop the legs out and quickly pop them back in and then stand up.  Repeat this action for 20 reps or work you way up!

High Knees: This cardio induced move works the lower abdominal wall and burns calories. Make sure to get your knees high to get the most out of this workout.  This can be performed for 30 seconds between each toning exercise.

Side Bends: Perform this exercise with or without weights (beginners should perform this weight free). Stand with your feet hip-distance apart keeping your arms at your side.  Begin bending side to side reaching for your toes, as you bend to one side bring your hand to your hip on the opposing side.  Do 100 reps!

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