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  • 6 minutes ago

    " I tried Slimfy after I saw one of my coworkers lost a ton of weight using it. I haven’t lost as much as her yet, but I’m only on stage 2. I’m already down more than a dress size, but I’m surprised at how much better I feel! Lots more energy."

    - Jen A.
  • 11 minutes ago

    " I love the Slimfy! I lost 10 kg in the two months. Slow at first then fast. Will get part 3. Can I get the free 30 days special for my mother?"

    - Olive A.
  • 17 minutes ago

    "I love this! You rule Slimfy! I lost like 3 sizes and I can fit in my daughter’s jeans! Ha! I hope see doesn’t see this! "

    - Megan L.
  • 19 minutes ago

    "This is a miracle pill! I was worried that it upset my stomach little at first. Drinking plenty of water was the problem. Now it is smooth and working great! I’ve lost the weight week after week and now I’m close to the goal. "

    - Iffe O.
  • 28 minutes ago

    "I wish I found this stuff 10 years ago! To think of how many desserts and meals I skipped. Ugh! And I lost more weight, 40 pounds! By just taking Slimfy and I guess I exercised a little. Not too much! I certainly went out more. Thank You!"

    - Julie C.
  • 42 minutes ago

    "I only tried it because the free 30 day supply, but it really cut down on the bloated feeling I’d get after meals. I did the second and third stage and I lost quite a bit of weight! I’m almost back to my high school weight! This is my secret weapon!"

    - Richard C.
  • 42 minutes ago

    "I’ve tried too many of these supplements, but Slimfy seems to be working. I didn’t loose a ton of weight right away, but I lost a little and more importantly, I feel revitalized. I’m interested to see if I keep losing weight. I hope so!"

    - Cheskka S.
  • 49 minutes ago

    "I just started Slimfy a few weeks ago, I haven’t lost much weight yet, but I feel really good. I called up one of their health coaches as I was having a hard time falling asleep. I guess I was taking it too close to bedtime! So now I take it before dinner. Thanks!"

    - Olga B.
  • 2 hours ago

    "I don’t usually review things, but this stuff works! After almost 3 months and I’ve lost over 25kg! I still can’t believe it. And of course now I’m spending way too much money on clothes! And I’m going out too much! And drinking too much! Whatever!"

    - Nicole G.
  • March 10th 2016

    " It was all like a domino effect, you know. I started seeing positive results and good kind of loss halfway my first bottle. It encouraged me to improve my workout, keep my diet going. By the third bottle I am already very impressed with the results that this gave me. I'm glad I chose this over the others."

    - Elizabeth S.
  • March 3rd 2016

    " I am of average size and stature, however, I have some of these stubborn baby fats that refuse to go away no matter what I do. I tried exercising and it helped me lose them but they keep on coming back. I decided it was time to step up my routine and bought this. This helped meshed off the fats and keep them off as well. Thanks!"

    - Vera F.
  • March 1st 2016

    " An amazing treat for myself, indeed! Instead of buying and spending money on unhealthy snacks and all, I have decided to use my money on weight loss supplements. Bought this one because of a friend's recommendation and I can also see the changes in her body since taking this. I'm hoping that the same thing will happen to me. "

    - Gordon M.
  • Feb 27th 2016

    "It effectively made me lose weight in just a short while! I never thought slimfy could be so effective. The good thing was that it did not have any side effects or anything. . I was perfectly normal excluding the fact that I was losing weight faster than ever! "

    - Mary B.
  • Feb 21th 2016

    "I have lost 32 lbs thanks to slimfy. It took sometime but it did help me lose weight so what's the fuss? It took all of me just to achieve that and also hard work and patience and...of course this supplement. So thanks to the makers"

    - Janet S.
  • Feb 17th 2016

    "In my opinion slimfy is the best and most effective supplement I have tried. I don't know, it's by far the best for me, because it's decaffeinated and I need that since I'm a vegan. And unlike any other supplements, since its made from highest quality ingredients, so it's super safe."

    - Karen L.
  • Feb 11th 2016

    " So far, I love this product! If nothing else, for the fat burning and appetite suppressing ability. I just recently started using this product and am very pleased with it so far. "

    - Regina W.
  • Feb 9th 2016

    " I gained so much weight last year and would want a fresh start for next year. I started taking it 3 weeks ago and I've boticed I was 166 lbs when I bought this. I'm now down to 146 lbs. I'm very happy with my current weight and will buy again if I need to. Thanks for this gold! "

    - Roland T.
  • Feb 5th 2016

    " I lost a total of 10 lbs after taking this supplement for one month. It's a nice alternative to working out since I'm a very busy person. I didn't even change my diet the whole time I was taking this. Overall, it worked for me and it is great. "

    - Chelsea B.
  • Feb 1st 2016

    " I lost 20 lbs in two and half months by taking this slimfy weight loss. It's inexpensive and effective so I'm giving it five stars. Now I maintain my weight by eating clean and running everyday. I don't recall any negative side effects. Thanks You for such great product. "

    - Jamie H.
  • Jan 28th 2016

    "Five stars for a great product! I'm still in shock that this is [actually] working. I don't know why but almost all of the weight loss products I've purchased from Amazon failed me. So it's very refreshing to see great results. I'm almost done with my first order and I've lost 8 lbs. I'm looking forward to my next order and losing more weight. "

    - Jairo A.
  • Jan 22nd 2016

    " I'm not really overwight but I was caving in to all my cravings lately that I needed something to curb that and my appetite as well. This worked exceptionally well and I take this regularly now to help me not eat too much. It didn't make me feel sick or nauseous too. Thanks! "

    - Blanca W.
  • Jan 13th 2016

    "I just began taking these and I am excited to see the results! I can definitely feel that my energy has increased already and It really helps me suppressing my appetite! It's help me a lot... thanks."

    - Claudia F.
  • Jan 9th 2016

    "I just started taking this product a couple of days ago but what a difference! I take it just before I eat a meal and I immediately noticed a difference in my energy level, without feeling shaky or jittery either!"

    - Lilian E.
  • Jan 3rd 2016

    "I like this product. it helps me to control my appetite and gave me energy to continue my journey to lose weight."

    - Victor B.
  • Dec 25th 2015

    "I love this product! It really works well. Thank you for your support team slimfy!"

    - Katrina D.
  • Dec 20th 2015

    "I had received this in the mail about 2 weeks ago and I am following regimen along with my regular daily EXERCISE, I lost 10lbs first week."

    - Angela E.
  • Dec 17st 2015

    "Very good product , helps curb appetite. I lost 13 pounds so far..."

    - Anhie D.
  • Dec 1st 2015

    "This product works! I've lost 30 lbs and its just melting off. I would recommend these drops to anyone who wants to trim down or lose weight."

    - Annette S.
  • Nov 21st 2015

    "Ok I was skeptical but here's what happened: week 1 with no exercise I lost 6lbs. Week 2 I had more energy and lost another 6 pounds. Week 3 4 lbs. Week 4 5 lbs and able to exercise. In 1 month I went from a size 22 to a comfortable 18."

    - Danielle M.
  • Nov 12th 2015

    "I have been using this product in conjunction with a low calorie diet for 9 days now and I am down 13 pounds!"

    - Byron K.
  • Nov 7th 2015

    "I've just started and so far it's wonderful,but everyone's right you have to commit. the drops alone aren't going to do all the weight loss. ^_^"

    - Elizabeth A.
  • Nov 2nd 2015

    "Tried this product for the first time and are very satisfied with my results so far. This along with a healthy clean diet will give you great results. My weight loss has slowed down, but I continue to lose weight every day just not as fast. Love it!"

    - Samie Q.
  • Nov 2nd 2015

    "Tried this product for the first time and are very satisfied with my results so far. This along with a healthy clean diet will give you great results. I lost about a pound a day the first 15 days. My weight loss has slowed down, but I continue to lose weight every day just not as fast. Love it!"

    - Samie Q.
  • Oct 25th 2015

    "Worked okay for me. Helped suppress my appetite but I have not lost significant weight. I been using it for 6 weeks. That could be from my eating habits as well. It's worth a shot, as everyone is different!"

    - Katie W.
  • Oct 5th 2015

    "Hi Friends, Started Slimfy stage 1 on Sept. 14th, 2015 at 258lbs. I am now at 239.8lbs at day 24 and have not started stage 2 yet. My largest weight loss ever. I immediately noticed an increase in energy and a decrease in appetite. The energy that I have is unbelievable! My wife has recently started to and is down 5lbs. in a week. Thanks Slimfy!"

    - Chris A.
  • May 5th 2015

    "I bought second stage of slimfy on amazon about a week ago. After reading all the positive reviews about how good it works I decided to give it a try. The taste was bad.. couldn't keep it in my mouth. I was expecting taste of raspberries and coffee but it's just tastes like herbs and medicine - one star."

    - Marilyn McNeely - WV
  • Apr 7th 2015

    "I've been following diet fads all over. I even heard my mom talking about this slimfy product a few days ago since one of her friends has lost like 27 lbs in the first 40 days! I definitely have to try this, thanks"

    - Poula Zaukini - IL
  • Feb 26th 2015

    "On stage 2 I lost 22 Lbs. then went on 3rd for 4 weeks. Now I am back on stage 2. Started it a week ago and so far I have lost another 7 lbs. Slimfy is the best thing that I have found in years. I have wasted so much money on diets and programs now I wouldn't try anything else."

    - Howard Brooks - NY
  • Jan 11th 2015

    "I just got off the slimfy. Stage one and two were enough for me to achive my weight loss goals. I lost 18 pounds and I feel fantastic. I have done different diets and different weight loss strategies' and with this one I didn't have to exercise."

    - Michele Bachmann - TX
  • Jan 7th 2015

    "Well, I posted earlier in this comments thread and came back because I wanted you all to know how I did! I lost 28 lbs in 3 rounds (about 3 months) and am keeping it off. The results speak for themselves. Slimfy formulas are life-changing – thank you"

    - Carmen Burham - FL
  • Dec 19th 2014

    "I am currently on a 47th day of the program using slimfy stage two. All I can say is that it is working for me. As of day 47 I have released 26 pounds…I never want it back!"

    - Edward Moss - CA
  • Oct 5th 2014

    "I had never heard about this product until this past Monday. I am on day six with slimfy. I was 95 when I weighed in on Monday. Today is Sunday and I weigh 88. You tell me if it work? This product has been great."

    - Zack Fishman - NJ
  • Oct 27th 2014

    "I started out at 156 lbs and I am now down to 121 lbs. I lost 35 lbs on my first round and I was thrilled beyond words. I was not hungry and full of energy. I lost 2 inches in my calves, 3.5 in thighs, waist, hips and arms in 41 days. I feel like superwoman!"

    - Gabriela Fernandez - FL
  • Sep 21th 2014

    "I've been struggling my whole life with my weight and I really hope this is the answer. I've gone ahead and placed order and signed up to the gym as well. I really hope to lose at least 30 pounds before summer."

    - Lisa Brown - SC
  • Sep 16th 2014

    "I love Slimfy! this has been the only thing that has worked for me, I cant believe it. My second week of stage two I lost 12 pounds."

    - Christina Davis - IL

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